Translation API
Cutting-edge scalable text translation
Translate text from multiple languages to English at a high level of quality.
API call
"Text": "Seit 1949 unterstützt Ellab Life Science, Healthcare und Lebensmittelunternehmen auf der ganzen Welt bei der Optimierung Ihrer thermischen Prozesse und Sicherstellung der Produktqualität, indem wir innovative Validierungs- und Kalibrierlösungen anbieten."
Analysed text
"LanguageDetected": {
"Language": "German",
"LanguageCode": "DE",
"Confidence": 0.992,
"TranslatedText": "Since 1949, Ellab has been supporting life science, healthcare and food companies around the world in optimizing their thermal processes and ensuring product quality by offering innovative validation and calibration solutions."
Firmnav’s translation API lets you translate text from several languages to English in a scalable way and at a high level of quality.