Firmnav receives multi-million grant from the Danish Innovation Growth Fund

Firmnav, the no-code AI SaaS platform for company and market data, today announces the receival of a multi-million grant from the Danish Innovation Growth Fund.
The multi-million grant will be earmarked for further product development; specifically the development of domain and data-specific language models to further advance the NLP competencies of Firmnav, integration of additional unstructured data sources, network graph visualization, and international product maturation to drive export. The grant comes as the third grant from the Danish Innovation Growth Fund and builds upon formerly supported projects by the Danish Innovation Growth Fund.

Since Firmnav was founded in 2020, the company has brought to market a solution specifically designed for companies and enterprises within B2B, private equity, investment banking, and advisory. Firmnav empowers companies with a next-generation SaaS platform enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions. With Firmnav, anyone can train and deploy custom AI models on company and market data combined with their own data sources and use advanced analytics tools to make data-driven decisions to improve their business and accelerate growth.

Firmnav CEO, Andreas Faarup, commented:

“We’re excited to have been awarded the grant and we are humble that the jury and the Danish Innovation Growth Fund shares our vision. This new grant sets up Firmnav perfectly for the next stage of further advancing our platform as well as our no-code custom AI functionalities which we will continue to develop to ensure B2B companies and investors have everything they need to enable their success and growth”

About Firmnav

Firmnav is a no-code AI platform for company data and market analytics. Firmnav is on a mission to revolutionize how companies make decisions by enabling them to utilize Firmnav’s specialized machine learning tools to navigate the wealth of company data and optimize their B2B sales, investments, and strategy formulation. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen.

About Danish Innovation Growth Fund

The Danish Innovation Growth Fund is an independent public organisation owned by the Danish state. The company provides funding and support to innovative Danish companies withing R&D and knowledge to strengthen technological advancement and innovative solutions within, particularly, deep tech and AI.

For press inquiries:
Andreas Faarup

+45 50 52 09 30

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